Socio-psychological problems of adolescent girls with diabetes



Introduction: Adolescence is concerned as a developmental and crucial process. The majority of adolescents are experienced less or more some difficulties in emotional, behavioral, and social domains. Type 1 diabetes with permanently changes in a person's life, has negative effect on adolescent Quality of life.Methods: In Qualitative research, twenty adolescent girls with diabetes, members of the Diabetes Society in west Azerbaijan, selected purposively. Data were collected using in-depth unstructured interviews and focus groups. Analysis of the transcripts was guided by qualitative content analysis.Results: seven categories of socio-psychological problems were found. Problems regards to future, treatment, family, society, education, nutrition and activity posed obstacles to the control of diabetes and well being.Discussion: The Socio-Psychological problems among adolescence girls are decreased by developing coping patterns in adolescents and suitable interventions.