Validation of new measure of perfectionism



  Introduction : In this study, validation of new measure of perfectionism evaluated.   Method: At first, Persian version of perfectionism, inventory and general health questionnaire (GHQ) administrated to 68 guidance school sophomores. To examine reliability of measure, Kronbach's alpha coefficient was calculated. Relationship between perfectionism inventory and GHQ calculated as an index of convergent validity. At last, 313 guidance school sophomores and juniors completed perfectionism inventory. Factor analysis applied to data as an index of construct validity.   Results: Kronbach's alpha coefficient indicated that perfectionism inventory has acceptable reliability. Furthermore, prior expectations about perfectionism and general health status confirmed. Factor analysis indicated that this measure has six factors that altogether explain 43% of total variance.   Conclusion: New measure of perfectionism has an acceptable reliability and validity. Therefore, it is recommended to all researchers who are interested in perfectionism.