Reliability and validity of Igroup Presence Questionnaire (IPQ)



  Introduction: Presence is referred as a person's reported feeling of being in the place. The goal of this paper was to investigate validity and reliability of Igroup Presence Questionnaire (IPQ) Persian version in a virtual environment.   Method: 118 male volunteers filled in the IPQ after having been exposed to a Virtual Environment in a driving videogame in different conditions: Driving in game net, as a passenger and driving in easy, difficult and arbitrary conditions.   Results : Factor analysis showed that IPQ consisted of 3 components that explained 67% of common variance: realness, spatial presence and involvement. Compared with passenger condition, interaction with the Virtual Environment (driving) increased significantly the realness and spatial presence scales and the total IPQ scores. Internal consistency, split-half and test-retest coefficients for the IPQ were 0.87, 0.85 and 0.74, respectively. The three factors and total score intercorrelated, significantly.   Conclusion: Persian version of the IPQ is a valid and reliable scale to measure presence in computer made Virtual Environments.