Effect of different rated violent video games on salivary IgA, salivary cortisol and body temperature



  Introduction: The objective was to investigate the effect of different rated violent computer games regarding to types of personality and sex on neuroimmunoandocrine changes among Iranian children.   Method: 209 participants were selected by cluster sampling method among students of secondary schools in Tehran. Their age ranged from 12 to 15 years. All Subjects were divided to 9 groups including a control group and 8 experimental groups which played selected electronic games for 40 minutes. Body temperature measured 10 minutes before beginning and 5 minutes to the end of the game Salivary cortisol and salivary IgA measured 5 minutes after the end of the game in all members of test and control (not playing in resting mode) groups and. All subjects filled out Eysenk personality inventory before the experiment.   Results: Neuroimmunoandocrine changes were moderated by playing different rated violent electronic games and gender under interaction with different levels of personality type and gender. Music was also moderated immunological responses under interaction of gender. Conclusion: Neuroimmunoandocrine changes regarding to personality and gender are affected by violence in game's content.