Young people experience of living with internet: ‎A qualitative study



  Introduction: Although daily development of technology has made life easier and more comfortable for families and despite of its large advantages it can be a threatening factor for young people. According to the unique characteristics of internet which can make possible the overtime usage and consequently addiction to it this qualitative research has done to truly and deeply characterize the experiments of young people in living with internet.   Method: In this research the Benner's Interpretative Phenomenology method has been used. The main method of gathering information was semi organized interviews with 12 young Iranians addicted to internet which have been chosen by purposeful sampling. Data were analyzed by Benner's theme method.   Results: Generally 4 main themes and 8 subthemes deduced from the results of this study. Main themes are: 1- Internet world as figurative ideal for young people 2- Internet and changing of life style 3- Internet as a wall for loneliness 4- Internet and changing of physical-mental statue.   Conclusion: Internet with its interesting and figurative conditions, especially for young people can disrupt all dimensions of their life and also pull the constructive relations of these ages to the depth of seclusion and loneliness which is the consequence of extreme usage of internet. This result emphasizes on the necessity of noticing of all people in this area to correct usage of this technology.