Personnel partnership on Friday pray related factors



  Introduction: Friday praying Ceremony is of great importance in Islamic culture and research in this field is absolutely essential. The following research intends to investigate the related factors of participating personnel on Friday pray.   Method: This study was a survey research in which data was collected using researcher-made questionnaire which was including demographic data, participating in Friday praying ceremony, and personal, familial and social factors which are in relationship with participating in Friday praying ceremony. Target population of this study were selected from part of military personnel, 1205 personnel were selected randomly using multistage cluster sampling.   Results: The two most effective factors in participating were attitude toward ceremony and also religious beliefs. Also, demographic factors such as sex, war records and type of membership are related to participating on Friday pray.   Conclusion: There are different methods for increasing participation in Friday praying ceremony, such as training religious beliefs, improving attitudes toward Friday praying ceremony, facilities for participating families in Friday praying ceremony, organizing groups like, group of colleges, neighbors, etc. for participating and also free transportation facilities.