Dermatology related Quality of Life in Sulfur Mustard exposed Veterans



Introduction: Sulfur mustard -a chemical agent- has proven chronic effects on skin which make many problems such as sleep psychological and also sexual disorders and can reduce their quality of life. The aim of this study is to assess the association of quality of life and skin lesions in sulfur mustard exposed veterans..Method: At current study 125 consecutive male chemical veterans suffering from skin lesion were being visited by dermatologists in the clinic of the Baqiyatallah hospital during 2007 summer. Pruritus severity in these patients was assessed with pruritus score questionnaire and their quality of life was assessed with Dermatology Life Quality Index. .Results: All subjects were men with mean age 44.3±8.0 years. More than pruritus, skin dryness (64%), burn sensation (63%), scaling (59%) and hyper pigmentation (51%) were more common skin lesions in chemical veterans. Mean of DLQI score in these patients were 19.42 ± 5.96. Pruritus severity was correlated with quality of life (r = 0.325, p < 0.001) and also correlated with other quality of life subscales expected work and school subscale. Allover pruritus, Burn sensation also related with Quality of life. .Discussion: Sulfur mustard exposed chemical veterans suffering from chronic skin complication such as pruritus and burn sensation witch affected their quality of life. Relieving this skin lesion could improve chemical veterans’ quality of life.