Rate of Agreement of clinical interview and MMPI in Diagnosis of psychiatric Disorders



Introduction: The aim of the study was to assess the rate of agreement between two methods of clinical interview according to DSM-IV-TR test in diagnosing psychiatric disorders (acute phase).Method: In- patient and out-patients referrals to Tabriz Razi hospital were selected randomly and assessed due two stages throngh clinical interview and MMPI test (short form) Then the diagnostic efficacy index of MMPI, Kappa. Coefficient Pnumber and Positive and negative diagnostic power with SPSS were calculated to determine the agreement rate..Results: The agreement rates between clinical interview and MMPI were 0.35 for thought disorders, 0.4 unipolar o.2 for bipolar mood disorders, and 0.6 for personality disorders. .Conclusion: The of obtained nesults showed a poor convergence between MMPI test and clinical diagnosis and higher function in excluding psychiatric disorders rather including them Therefor It seems that this tool need to be reprised conception.