Compare of social and cultural susceptibility among boys and girls



Introduction: Studying pathology and determining susceptibility in youth is a major step against change of culture and values. This research has aimed at evaluating social and cultural susceptibility among youth of the country (IRAN I. R.)..Methods: This study is a descriptive- analytical study, the sample have been selected through multi-stage cluster sampling and consists of 1030 young adults and adolescences from different city of IRAN I.R. Researchers prepared questionnaire was the means of collecting data, in order to analyze data, descriptive statistics. Indicators: evaluating frequency, mean and t test deductive data indicators have been used..Results: The results suggests that there is a high and very high susceptibility among 12.5% of cases also in terms of Violating Islamic dress code, tendency to addiction, lack of confidence, indecent company, feministic attitudes, tendency to use satellite and foreign media, pleasure seeking, relationship with the opposite sex, lack of patriotism and the way spare time is spent among girls and boys, there is meaningful difference in terms of susceptibility on the level of p