An investigation of the relation between emotional intelligence and five factors of personality in students



  Abstract   Introduction: The aim of this research was to study the relation of emotional intelligence with the five factors of personality.   Method: this research was correlation and 377 male and female students in highschools in Arak city were selected by cluster random sampling. In order to measure the emotional intelligence and five personality ,s traits subjects completed the Schutte EI scale (EIS) and the Goldberg personality inventory (IPIP).   Result : Data were analyzed using pearson, s correlation coefficient and regression methods. Results indicated that, there was a significant positive relationship between emotional intelligence with extraversion, agreeableness, openness to experience and consciousness, and a significant inverse with neuroticism.   In addition, the analysis indicated that females ,s emotional intelligence was higher than males.   Conclusion : Based on these results, emotional intelligence is a part of personality, and personality provides the context in which emotional intelligence operates. Therefore EI should be studied as a part of the broader personality system.