Facial and verbal Emotional memory in younger and older women



  Abstract:   Introduction: Literature indicates the enhancement of attention and remembering positive emotion al materials in older age. Also researchers believe that increase emotional memory is not related to age, socio- economic status and sex. So the aim of this study is the investigation of differences between verbal and facial emotional memory in younger and older females.   Methods: Samples of this study was younger and older females (41 young & 40 old) in 50-70 and 18-27 years-old. Materials recruited for assessment of emotional memory was 22 emotional faces (positive, negative and neutral) and 68 words with different emotional valence.   Results: Data showed that recall of negative words (P< 0.000) and positive faces (P< 0.000) among younger group was significantly more than older ones.   Discussion: It seems that enhancement of emotional memory is not apart from sex and cultural effect. And also it seems that some factors such as depression and anxiety which is related to emotion & memory must be evaluated more accurately.