Relationship between Depression and Degree of Pain Feeling in Patients with Migraine Headache



  Introduction : The aim of the study was to determine the relationship between severity of depression and the degree of pain feeling in migraine patient.   Methods: The study was performed among migraine patients referring to Razi hospital in 2006.This was a cross-sectional study. One hundred fifty patients were selected with convenience method. Our investigation tools were بک Depression Inventory (BDI) and visual Analog scale (VAS).   Results : The most important findings were:   Incidence of depression among migraine patients was 92% including 16.7% mild depression, 36.7% moderate depression and 38.7% severe depression.   There is a direct and significant relationship between the severity of depression and the degree of pain sense.   The degree of pain feeling among 15% of patients with high scores of depression was higher than lower 15%.   Conclusions: There is a linear correlation between depression and degree of pain sense and the direct relationship between sex, marital statue and occupation.