The relationship between family values and adolescent values system



Introduction: Conceptually ,at the individual level a value system is a discrete belief about something or someone .The value of Spiritual is important for any community and distortion this issue can changed the cultural and national identity .Therefore all of the society try to care ,maintain and reinforce Value system. Family is important factor to grow up values system and spiritual values can produce by family. so family can effect on value system and spiritual motivation in child and adolescent.Methods: This study is descriptive study and it aimed were investigating the family values system on values in adolescent in Tehran. The instrument for measuring values system were human made values questionnaire. The sample size consist of 1000 adolescent from Tehran high schools were recruited to the study randomly ,and data analysed by t test and anova.Results: Data analized showed the average of age were m= 16.01 and sd-0.973. results showed relationship between adolescent values system and family, religious, media, and national value were significant all of .adolescent that had grater score in personal values in other values their score were higher.Discussion: In a culture where everyone holds the same moral, political, religious , and social values. The result of this study suggest that the values system , interest and goales to satify basic human needs are consistent with the theories used in different studies.