Parents, Self, and Important Others: Sources of God Image



 Abstract   Introduction: The goal of the present research was to examine the relationships between God images and images of parents, self, and important others. Methods: Some 240 students (118 boys & 124 girls) of Shahid Beheshti University were chosen through accessible proportion sampling. Subjects completed the Questionnaire of Objects Relation: Images of God, Self, and Important Others (Mazaheri, et al., 2006 rebuilt scale of Lawrence, 1997). Pearson correlations indicated significant correlations between the variables. Analyzing data with the regression revealed that images of parents and self are more efficient predictors of the God image. Independent t-tests showed significant differences between genders i.e. girls had more positive images about the relation objects: parents, self and God.  Results: Regressions revealed gender differences in terms of predicting image of God by images of parents, self and important others i.e. images of parents and self were stronger predictors of the God image for girls, in comparison with boys. Conclusion: Quality of parent-child relationships and the role of the attachment theory, as well as the theories of object relationships in formation of the images of parents, self and God are discussed. The observed differences between genders are interpreted in terms of Differences in values perspective and parenting styles and religious education.