The relationship between personality factors and test anxiety among university students



  Abstract:   Introduction: Test anxiety is the most important problem among students around the world. This study was about relationship between test anxiety and some personality factors on Semnan university’s students. Objective of this study was to find out relationship between test anxiety and introversion / extroversion and neuroticism.   Methods: This study was a correlation study. Sample of this study were 300 bachelor students (150 boys, 150 girls), who randomly selected from Semnan University. Test anxiety scale and Eyzenck personality scale, were used for collection data. Pearson correlation coefficient, t – test, and regression was used for analyzing data.   Results : Results showed that test anxiety has significant positive correlation with neuroticism. But there was no significant correlation between introversion and extroversion with test anxiety. Introversion and extroversion had significant correlation with neuroticism. But between girls and boys there were no significant differences on test anxiety, neuroticism and extroversion / introversion. only neuroticism could predict test anxiety.   Conclusion: It seems students who are neurotic experience more test anxiety and their internal factors affect on their academic problems.