Keywords = Attachment Styles
Number of Articles: 9
1. A Structural Model of Marital Commitment Prediction based on Personality Traits by the Mediation of Attachment Styles and Self-differentiation

Volume 12, Issue 4, Winter 2019, Pages 183-192

Atena Ehsan-Niarmi; Hasan Heydari; Mehdi Zare-Bahramabadi; Hossein Davoudi

2. Examination of a Causal Model of Family-of-Origin's Health, Attachment Styles, and Marital Commitment with the Mediating Role of Self- Differentiation

Volume 12, Issue 3, Autumn 2018, Pages 91-95

Mahin Toghroli Pour Grighani; S. M. Hossein Mousavi Nasab; Abbas Rahmati

5. The relationship between approach/avoidance systems and attachment styles

Volume 7, Issue 4, Winter 2014, Pages 289-295

Roghayeh Yaghobi