Examination of a Causal Model of Family-of-Origin's Health, Attachment Styles, and Marital Commitment with the Mediating Role of Self- Differentiation

Document Type: Original Article


Department of psychology, Faculty of literature and humanities, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran



Introduction: The aim of the current study was to investigate the mediating role of self-differentiation between family-of-origin health and attachment styles with marital commitment.
Method: The present study was a descriptive correlational research. The population included all couples from the city of Kerman. A sample of 223 married people was selected through convenience sampling method. The data was collected through Dimensions of Commitment Inventory (DCI), Family of Origin al Scale (FOS), Differentiation of Self Inventory (DSI), and Adult Attachment Scale (AAS). To analyze data, structural regression was used as one of the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM).
Result: The results of this study showed that the family-of-origin health and attachment styles can only predict marital commitment via the mediating role of self-differentiation. In other words, the variable of self-differentiation, between the family-of-origin health and attachment styles with marital commitment plays a full mediator role.
Conclusion: Although changing some basic characteristics such as family-of-origin and attachment styles is difficult, marital commitment can enhance via enhancing of self-differentiation.